EIB/KNX Telegram Structure Quick Reference

I’ve always found it very difficult to get a quick overview of the KNX telegram structure. I also don’t know any good source who has such an overview. That’s why I created a quick reference sheet of my own:

Telegram Structure

Feel free to download and use the PDF version: Telegram Structure.

Here is a source that I found particularly useful (besides some books): http://www.knx.org/fileadmin/template/documents/downloads_support_menu/KNX_tutor_seminar_page/tutor_documentation/05_Serial%20Data%20Transmission_E0808f.pdf

Please let me know if you’re missing some information or if you know of any good sources.

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  1. Tim

    Hello Daniel!

    First off I want to tank you for this great page i’ve googled Alot without finding anything substansial!
    Well im planning to do my thesis work about KNX and I was wondering what documentation you’ve been using in your project? Where you able to communicate to the KNX bus without ordering/reading the KNX specification? You see im looking for an entry point in this project, preferebly without the specs since it costs 1000euro.. I would appreciate any tips 🙂


    1. dka Beitragsautor

      Hi Tim,

      actually I think this is possible. There’s a lot of documentation in the Internet that’s available. I guess the most important is to understand how a KNX network is setup (e.g. topology) and how the devices are addressed (physical vs. group addresses, etc.). Next you need to understand how the telegrams work and what the headers mean. Afterwards it’s relatively easy to talk with KNX. Actually, the ETS will help a lot with its tools to understand the traffic on the KNX bus (and its ability to send messages for testing). Maybe you have the chance to obtain an academic license through the university you’re working with (at least that’s what I had when I started investigating KNX).

      Best regards


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