Do you like to have an Arduino KNX shield?

Some friends and I are currently thinking about designing and producing a first batch of Arduino KNX shields (including a matching Arduino library) as an update to the first development version.

First draft of Arduino KNX shield

First draft of Arduino KNX shield

If you are interested in getting an Arduino KNX shield, please sign up below (without any obligations). Based on the number of subscribers we will decide on how to proceed.

We won’t spam you. Period.

If you have any questions or suggestions please let us know by commenting on this post.

Update 12.01.2016: We just got the 100th subscriber on this list. This was our absolute minimum to pursue this project. Stay tuned for updates and thanks for your support.

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  2. Brian

    Well indeed running just the atmel chip on the bus current would be no problem but anything else should be isolated. Current spikes are not a good thing on a KNX BUS, and devices can behave very strange because of it. When developing devices the aim should always be equal or less than 10 mA current draw.

    Arduino KNX shield is very interesting. I made some DIY KNX devices but the code is a real struggle for me.

    1. dka Beitragsautor

      Hi Nickon,

      yes – we just got the 100 subscribers which was kind of our absolute minimum to try to produce this thing; however, producing and selling PCBs (with components on board) is not as easy as thought (not the technical part, but rather the regulatory part). Anyway, we try to get this thing going, probably as a set to assembly on your own.


  3. viknet

    +1, by the way did you know that KNX Specifications now fully free of charge

    concerning the shield, great idea but please reduce the price to the max, having a shield that cost more than 50€ is IMHO useless 25€ is OK 10€ is great, in order to lower the price did you check some bus coupler without the tp-uart such as this one
    debugging might be a bit more hard but it will keep the price low
    also using an ethernet arduino this would make a great and cheap router (don“t want to spend 400€ on a router)


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